Urban & Regional Planning
    ICT Solutions • Transport Planning


    Architecture & Urban Design • Municipal Reforms
    Slum Upgradation & Redevelopment


    Rural Development • Infrastructure Development
    Utility Networking • Construction Works



Services offered:
  • Master plans
  • City Investment Plans
  • Zonal Development Plans
  • Local Area Plans
  • City/ Regional Development Plans
  • Community Development Plans
  • Slum Free City Plans
  • City Sanitation Plans

Transport Planning

Services offered:
  • City/ Regional Mobility Plans
  • Corridor Development Plans
  • Traffic and Transportation studies
  • Transit-Oriented Development planning

Architecture and Urban Design

Services offered:
  • Detailed architectural layouts
  • Building structural and services designs
  • Development of affordable and low-cost housing schemes
  • Preparation of working drawings
  • Preparation of 3D Models
  • Neighbourhood planning and designing
  • Preparation of landscaping layouts

Slum upgradation and redevelopment

Services offered:
  • Preparation of DPRs under RAY, IHSDP, BSUP and other JnNURM projects
  • Physical redevelopment, in-situ upgradation and relocation schemes
  • Development of rental housing schemes

Municipal Reforms

Services offered:
  • Regularization of unauthorized colonies and slums on agricultural lands
  • Issuance of patta under State Grants Act
  • Survey of land and preparation of proposed layout plan of schemes
  • Earmarking and planning of public areas, dumping sites and informal sector shopping areas
  • Corporate Business Plans for ULBs
  • GIS-based Property Tax Reforms
  • Citizen Service Centres
  • e-Governance
  • Institutional Strengthening & Development

Rural Development

Services offered:
  • Rural Development Plans
  • Assessment of poverty-reduction techniques and development programmes
  • Micro-planning at village level

Infrastructure Development

Services offered:
  • DPRs for development of water supply, drainage and sewerage systems
  • Integrated Watershed management
  • DPRs for STPs, WTPs and ETPs
  • DPRs for roads
  • Rainwater Harvesting schemes
  • Project Management Consultancy


Infrastructure Development

Services offered:
  • DPRs for development of water supply, drainage and sewerage systems
  • Integrated Watershed management
  • DPRs for STPs, WTPs and ETPs
  • DPRs for roads
  • Rainwater Harvesting schemes
  • Project Management Consultancy

Utility Networking

Services offered:
  • Planning, designing, estimation, laying and commissioning of water supply networks for all diameters (from 50 mm to 1000 mm) and of all materials i.e. GI, CI, DI, MS, PSC etc with different types of valves.
  • Planning, designing, estimation, laying and commissioning of sewerage networks for all diameters (from 1500 mm to 1600 mm) in all soil conditions.
  • Planning, designing, estimation and laying of drainage networks according to rainfall data and terrain.

Construction Works

Services offered:
  • Multistoreyed framed structures including development of area.
  • Affordable and Low-cost housing
  • Rainwater Harvesting structures
  • Roads and Foot-over bridges
  • Construction management for STPs, ETPs and WTPs


ICT Solutions

NFIT undertakes IT Projects as System Integrators by supplying Hardware and Software solutions for e-governance and m-governance projects.
We have a strong team of high skilled experts dedicated to help and provide solutions based on client’s requirements.

Services offered:
  • Hardware Supply

    Channel Partners:

  • Software Application Development

    Certification: CMMI Level-3.

Enterprise Business Partners for :

Enterprise Business Solutions for Mobility Products : :
  • Nation wide Distributors for Ruggedized Mobility Protective Cases. GUMDROPCASES

Projects Completed : :
  • 1. Supply & Installation of 30,000 handsets in Bihar under the MGNREGA scheme with field mobile app

    2. Supply & Installation of 4,000 Tablets in Jharkhand under the MGNREGA scheme with field mobile & MGNREGA SOFT app

    3. Automation of the FPS in HP, Jharkhand & Rajasthan under the PDS scheme covering 35,000 Fair Price Shops

Health & Education

NFIT provides with educational and health kits that aid in the skill development of children for their physical, cognitive and psychological growth. Our vast collection of products offers the tools to help reach, teach and delight all children, at whatever stage they may be and help them learn at their own pace while giving them the guidance to reach their fullest potential.



PROJECT : Design of web based MIS application
Location: Kota, Jodhpur, Allahabad and 21 towns of Jharkhand
  • Used in hand held device for Street Vending Plan in Kota, Jodhpur and 21 towns of Jharkhand.
  • Real time photographs of vendors and their thumb impression will be captured.
  • De-duplication software – to avoid any duplication in data.
  • Capture biometric data using technology of ISO formats.
  • Modules for new allotment, renewal, payment user charges, trade license, other charges etc. It also has the option of integrating Aadhaar Card No.


PROJECT: Street Vending Plan in 21 Towns of Jharkhand
To support Municipal Corporation in different towns in promotion of sustainable development of the large informal and unorganized workforce in towns by identifying Street Vendors through detailed field surveys and preparing a Detailed Plan of Action for regulating, relocation and rehabilitation of street vendors, as per the Support to Urban Street vendors under NULM & Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014.
Objectives are:
  • Survey of street vendors and issuing of identity cards
  • Development of City Vending Plans
  • Infrastructure development of vending zones in the city
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Financial inclusion, Access to credit & Linkages to social security schemes...


PROJECT: Construction of University Sports Board (USB) office, Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MLSU), Udaipur.
Client: Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MLSU), Udaipur
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